Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life

Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
19 Jul 2014 - 31 Jul 2014

Opening : 19th July 2014, 5 – 10 PM

with a performance by WALD - beginning at 8 PM and a party at the Amiga Club beginning at 9 PM

Exhibition: 20th -31st of July 2014, Fri - Sun, 2 - 7 PM

The idea of "The Love of Your Life" may have been hijacked by Hollywood and Harlequin already long ago. But does such a thing really exist? And if it does, can you be sincere about it in 2014? Today, even relationships are determined by competition. Lists of pros and cons are constantly made for existing or potential partners in order to evaluate future profits, just as if it were an investment. Is there still a place for love in capitalism?

Atelierhaus Mengerzeile's current guest artist, Björn Perborg, invited ten artist and two collectives to reflect on "The Love of Your Life". The works range from painting, drawing and animation to photo, video, performance, glass and installations. Most pieces have been tailor made exclusively for this exhibition. The result is a diverse, intimate, poetic and sometimes violent parade celeb rating and mourning the greatest love of all.

Participating artists: Heike Bollig, Bettina Bruder, Stefanie Gerhardt, Cynthia Girard, Sandra Heinz, Andrea Maria Krenn, Marcela Moraga, Christian Niccoli, Björn Perborg, Christina "Goldie" Poblador, André Sousa, Speech & What Archive, WALD

Heike Bollig

Heike Bollig artistically explores everyday phenomena, the world of things and the public space. Objects, prints, posters and installations, that are shown in institutional contexts or in public spaces, emerge from this.

Bettina Bruder

Bettina Bruder is an artist and designer, curious and concerned about the sensuous aspects within our lives. She works against the delicate and poetic impoverishment within our culture and aim to stimulate an empathic subtlety for other ways of sensing, being and thinking with her projects.

Her response to the curatorial invitation is a poetic documentation of an affectionate connection that references the ephemeral quality of love expressed in Fallen Angels by Wong Kar-wai and The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.

Stefanie Gerhardt

Stefanie Gerhardt works in a variety of medias, such as video, sculpture and painting. Observing her immediate surrounding, she records movements, traces and peculiarities. Through subtle displacements, these are made visible. Stefanie Gerhardt uses motifs of human beings or animals, which she extracts from their natural environment and precisely transfers to a new context.

In "Die Liebe meines Lebens" she will show a new painting.

Cynthia Girard

Cynthia Girard is a Canadian artist and writer who often tries to connect two elements that seem to contradict each other: abstraction and narration.

Sandra Heinz

A constitutive element of Sandra Heinz' work is collecting in a context of remembering and conservation. For "Die Liebe meines Lebens" she has developed a new series of work, departing from black and white photos taken on journeys with her husband during the last 25 years. Sandra Heinz lives and works in Mainz.

Andrea Maria Krenn

Maintaining a tranquil expression the artistic practice of Andrea Maria Krenn navigates between reduction and the conflict of surfaces in space. Most relevant for Andrea Maria Krenn is the process-related development of artistic works that moves through the room without a sound, that set sail towards a nonentity, that allow a sensation of emptiness, that are not nothing, yet contain an invisible spark that can set everything in motion.

Marcela Moraga

Marcela Moraga works with performance, video and installations. Her principal concern is the relationship between citizen and nature. The order, the objects and the movement of the so called public space are materials and places for her work.

Marcela Moraga studied art in Chile and in Germany. She has participated in residency programs in Rotterdam and Saint Petersburg. She lives and works in Berlin.

Christian Niccoli

Christian Niccoli's work derives from a sharp self-observation as well as from the observation of strangers, friends, family. The focus of these observations is the condition of individuals in a context such as family or partnership, but also in a situation of lostness and loneliness.

In his films Christian Niccoli investigates the desires, wishes and fears related with our being alone or with others and analyzes how we manage to find our own psychological stability.

Björn Perborg

Björn Perborg is currently the guest artist at Atelierhaus Mengerzeile.

Christina Goldie Poblador

Christina "Goldie" Poblador is a visual artist from Manila, Philippines. Her works explore the layered relationships between ecology, spirituality, cultural identity and the feminine.

Goldie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in the University of the Philippines Diliman in 2009. She is currently working in the La Fragua Artist Residency in Córdoba, Spain and taking her Master's Degree in Glass in the Rhode Island School of Design.

André Sousa

Porto-based artist André Sousa works as if he were continuously connecting one map to other maps, thus building a system that unfolds itself into a referential geography. This hyper-connective approach resonates strongly in his pieces, bringing to the surface a notion of inside/outside, of decentring, of connecting or replicating elements from the landscape and cultural life of the places in which he works.

Speech & What Archive

Speech & What Archive is a performative research group and publishing platform based in Paris. Comprised of artists, curators, art-historians, writers and philosophers, SWA works with ideas surrounding immediacy, transmission, stupidity and love.


WALD. Wir Alle Lieben Dich / We all love you

WALD is a collage of diverse sounds. Music instruments are waking up to develop an ecosystem. This ecosystem grows, blooms and constantly changes in an abstract time.

WALD will perform live during the opening on the 19th of July.

Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life
Die Liebe meines Lebens / The Love of Your Life